the east-west urban planning festival

Dear all! MANY THANKS for the beautiful, interesting workshop days in sighisoara!

I hope U enjoyed the workshop and hope to see U again in november this year – as suggested by many participants! (the food must have been very good, seeing as how U want to come back so soon! 😉 in november we plan to make concrete proposals of how to improve certain public and green spaces etc. in sighisoara based on the results of our discoveries during the workshop!

and, with the success of these workshops, we are moving ahead with plans to have an urbanistic work-camp organized next spring with an international volunteers’ organization, SCI, (I met them yesterday here in sighisoara)… there are also landscape students who would like to come to the next workshop as well etc. etc. lots of things are going on here! so, I am looking forward to seeing U again soooon!!!!


thanks for being here and sharing these four very beautiful, sunny (and rainy) days, as well as your ideas and visions for our little town!


see U in november, hopefully, at gradost::07 reloaded!

PS: those who could not attend this first gradost workshop are invited to join the november meeting too!!!!!! gradost::07::photos here!!




(and leonie – currently in sibiu on a conference…)


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